Usually, this means an old version of IE.

None of the default ‘handlers’ for onGood or onBad are going to work for you, out of the box. You’ll need to set custom handlers for all events.

However, the core of the Javascript snippet should be fully compatible with IE and other legacy browsers that support Javascript.

Here’s an example of some very simple dynamic class changes to support these older browsers:

        <title>Snippet Test</title>
        <meta charset='UTF8'>
        <script src=""></script>
       <script src=""></script>
            .bad {
                background-color: red
            .good {
                background-color: green
            .bad.good {
                background-color: gray //should not happen!
        <p>Okay, let's do a form:<br />
        <form method='POST' action='submit_target.php'>
            Email: <input type='email' size="80" name='email' id='email' /><br />
            <input type='submit' />
            Goodverification('your_form_token', {debug: true,
                onGood: function () {
                    console.warn("Calling good!")
                    return true;
                },onBad: function () {
                    console.warn("Calling bad!")
                    return true;